Exciting News from Camp Kidston
You have a great opportunity to support Camp Kidston and it won't cost you anything!
First enroll in the MHCSI Preferred Supplementary Pharmacy Benefits Program. In 2 or 3 weeks you will receive a Lawtons Pharmacy Card that needs to be presented to your Sobeys or Lawtons pharmacist who will record your number in their system.
Then each time you when you fill a prescription MHCSI will provide $2 per prescription to Camp Kidston. This applies not just to new prescriptions, but ones you already may have on file.
You will also receive a Lawtons Discount Card that will give you great discounts on many store purchases at Lawtons Drugs. If you are an Air Miles collector you will continue to receive them with your purchases.
How do I enroll?
The easiest way to enroll is online at www.mhcsi.ca/enroll/ and enter the following:
Password:      CK69172
Fill in the required information and you will receive an acknowledgement reply that you need to print and retain.
There are also paper enrollment forms that are available from Joyce Wylie (902-462-5084). The completed forms should be returned to Joyce who will forward them to MHCSI.