Susan Ferguson served as overseas personnel with the Methodist Church of Colombia and the Program of Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia. She writes:
In Colombia, churches are working with possibilities that now exist for peace after so many decades of war. And people in many churches are engaged in the massive work of accompaniment and service to the millions of people displaced by violence, to the vast number of people living in poverty, to those who are trying to invoke their right to the return of land taken from them, and to those who are threatened because they stand up for their rights.
I think particularly of those who resist the repressive practices of the multinationals extracting resources, damaging the environment, and harming Colombians because these include Canadian companies we are familiar with. There is much work for faithful people to do in this country. There are risks for those who would do it, but there is now this amazing new opportunity to be part of a groundswell of action for a new society in which peace is grounded in justice, not simply equated with the absence of open, armed conflict.
In Colombia, the faithful face the displacement of ordinary farmers and rural communities, massive military presence and costs, and reprisals and disappearances of those who try to stop multinationals from extracting resources without restraint. These are the people on the steps of the temple, feeling compelled to buy a dove for ritual sacrifice, still giving a coin to the beggars.
Our gifts for Mission and Service are present with people and communities working for human rights. Our gifts show compassion for all. Please join me and give generously.