An ambitious three-way partnership has made a significant change in the lives of women living in remote areas of Tanzania. Supported by The United Church of Canada, and in particular by United Church Women, the Morogoro Women's Training Centre and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health are training maternal health care workers in an effort to improve infant and maternal health. The women are trained in pre- and postnatal care as well as birthing techniques and recognizing negative indicators for a safe birth. With the knowledge gained from courses, these midwives do their best for mother and child, often in difficult circumstances.
Early in the development of its courses, the Morogoro Centre realized it could reach more women by delivering programs closer to the communities they hoped to serve. The centre has been able to extend the reach of the program, training 45-50 women at a time in regions across Tanzania. The women also receive a practical birthing kit at the end of their training.
As the reach of the program expands, course material has been adapted to include women who can neither read nor write but who bring life skills they are glad to share with fellow health care workers. Five courses in 2014 trained more than 300 midwives. The impact of this program will be felt long after in the women and infants alive today because of the training received.
The 50th anniversary of the UCW made this special project possible. Our ongoing gifts for Mission and Service enable core support for the Morogoro Women's Training Centre. Families in Tanzania thank us for this support. Please join me and give generously.