Uniting more than 60 Protestant denominations, the Church of Christ in Congo stands with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the face of extreme challenges. The Rev. Nzeba Kalombo Berthe, director of the church's Department of Women, Children and Family, describes the people of Congo as traumatized, living with ongoing violence (particularly violence against women and children), and wide-scale displacement of people.
In 2014, the Church of Christ in Congo issued a call to sister churches for support and prayer. The Department of Women, Children and Family works with vulnerable people to provide care for children, widows, and survivors of sexual violence. Supported by the people of The United Church of Canada, the Congo church has established six centres that care for the physical and emotional well-being of children and women traumatized by their experiences.
They provide schooling for children and, in two centres, livelihood training for women. The numbers are daunting. In Kabwe, 250 children share two classrooms. In Goma, 122 women learning tailoring skills share one sewing machine. In Matadi and Boma, they do not have the resources to implement agricultural projects that could become a sustainable source of financing as well as improve nutrition for children under their care.
Our gifts for Mission and Service reach out in peace with love to care for vulnerable and marginalized people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Please join me and give generously.