Cuba's Christian Centre for Reflection and Dialogue is an ecumenical project created in 1991. Located east of Havana, it is a centre for conferences and retreats, local outreach, international tours, community development education, and organic agriculture.
The centre's organic farm is a learning centre for sustainable food production for the country, producing 102 tonnes of food annually. That food feeds the centre's staff and visitors, is distributed to schools and hospitals, and is used by the centre to prepare daily meals for over 130 seniors and people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions.
A Mission and Service partner since its founding in 1991, the Christian Centre for Reflection and Dialogue had this to say in a letter to The United Church of Canada from director Rita Maria Garcia:
The centre appreciates the generous gesture of The United Church of Canada; with your support we are able to offer a dignified meal and other services to those who need it. We take it as our duty, in as much as we are able, to offer our affection and support to those who have already contributed what they could to our society, and now find themselves in the last stage of their lives or are suffering severe chronic illnesses.
Rain or shine, 365 days of the year with our support, the Christian Centre for Reflection and Dialogue responds to God's call to feed the hungry, body and soul. Thanks to our generous gifts for Mission and Service, this vital ministry loves and serves the people of Havana. Thanks be to God.