Since the early 1990s, Mission & Service has partnered with Los Quinchos School in Managua, Nicaragua. Los Quinchos strives to rehabilitate and reintegrate street children through a wholistic, educational approach. Mission & Service goes to support the ongoing quality breakfast and lunch program that is a significant contribution to children's nutrition in the San Judas barrio.
About 900 students were expected to register in the day program this year. Three hundred of them receive full scholarships. Other primary students pay 20 córdobas per month (about $1); secondary students pay 85 córdobas (about $4). Afternoon students pay a higher fee (300 córdobas, or $15), which subsidizes other activities, such as additional staff, water, security, electricity, and so on. Salaries for 35 of the 45 teaching staff are paid by the government.
A number of United Church groups have visited Los Quinchos to see firsthand all the wonderful work our partner is able to achieve through our gifts for Mission & Service. Principal Luis Fariñas celebrates the arrival of these groups as a way to celebrate the partnership.
We are thankful for our Mission & Service gifts that support the ministry of the Los Quinchos School, which feeds and supports street children in Nicaragua's capital city, Managua!
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.