The Four Men are a quartet who enjoy singing together and are passionate about the Mission & Service of The United Church of Canada. The Four Men are Michael Downie, Mervin Fick, George Kopulas, and Brian McIntosh.
The quartet sings music inspired by groups such The Canadian Tenors and Il Divo. They perform at churches as fundraisers for those churches' Mission & Service giving programs.
The Four Men are passionate about connecting people to Mission & Service and sharing the good news of what Mission & Service does in Canada and other parts of the world in partnership.
To date The Four Men have raised $43,000, $25,000 of which has been for Mission & Service.
In December 2014, the group released their first CD, Inspired, with $15 of the $20 price going to Mission & Service.
Verena von Stritzky, manager of the group, says that Mission & Service is very important to the group: "It is all about people helping people. It is what we are meant to do!"
We are truly thankful to The Four Men for their Mission & Service heart. The funds they have raised help many people help other people in loving partnership! Thank you for the music!
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.