When you arrive at Pelham Park Resource Centre in Toronto's west end, you are greeted by a bright graffiti mural beside the entrance. Pelham Park is one of the resource centres of the Davenport Perth Community Ministry. Located in a housing project, Davenport Perth has been providing a safe place for all ages to gather and take part in health, arts, and education programs for 25 years.
On this day at the Pelham Park location, the children have enthusiastically gathered after school for games, homework help, and eating a meal together.
Ten-year-old Cesar says Pelham Park is important to him because they help him with his homework and give him compliments. Eight-year-old Jocelyn loves to come because the kids get to cook and eat together.
"It is wonderful to see the kids grow," staff person Jasmine says. "You can see the leadership skills in these kids. If I wasn't here I would really miss them."
We are thankful that through our Mission & Service gifts, Pelham Park and the other programs of Davenport Perth Community Ministry are able to offer a safe haven and a place for people to grow in knowledge, health, and community.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.