Who speaks for those whose voices are silenced? One of our Mission & Service partners, Emmanuel Baptist Church, El Salvador, has been greatly influenced by the words and life of Óscar Romero.
Archbishop Óscar Romero was a voice in El Salvador that was heard. He spoke of injustice, disappearances, death threats, torture, and massacres of entire communities. He said that if he were killed he would rise again in the people, and this has proven to be true. Assassinated in 1980, Romero was beatified in San Salvador as a martyr for his faith in May 2015. He continues to provide inspiration to justice seekers in El Salvador and around the world.
Romero's vision and voice can be seen today in the work of Emmanuel Baptist Church as it inspires the people of El Salvador to take charge of their destiny. Several communities in northern El Salvador are opposed to proposed mining operations around the River Lempa, which provides drinking water for about 70 percent of the country. These communities are challenging multinational mining companies, many of them Canadian, that have a record of causing pollution and environmental degradation.
As Canadian citizens we can join communities in voicing their concerns and making decisions about the land they live on. Oscar Romero said, "The voice of the people must be listened to." Let it be so.
We are thankful that, through our Mission & Service gifts, our partners like Emmanuel Baptist Church can continue to provide inspiration to justice-seekers in El Salvador.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.