On Sunday, May 26, 2015, congregations all over Canada created Heart Gardens to honour the memory of Aboriginal children who died in the residential schools over the 120 years the schools existed. Over 2,000 Heart Gardens were created. Faith United Church in Kingston, Ontario, was one of those congregations. Faith United is entering its 25th year. It began its ministry through a Mission & Service-funded mission support grant. The congregation gathers in the small theatre of La Salle Secondary School every Sunday morning and was able to plant their garden on the school grounds. The hearts were made over two Sundays and symbolized Faith United's deepest hope and prayer that the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will allow truths to be spoken, and healing and a new relationship to begin between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in this land. The congregation sent one heart made by their youngest member to Ottawa to be part of the Heart Garden planted on the lawn of Rideau Hall, the Governor General's residence. "The heart has an image of an alien because the artist said we should be nice to everyone, including aliens!" says the Rev. Nan Hudson. We are thankful for our gifts for Mission & Service that support congregations in transition or in remote locations so faith can be shared and grown! Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.