Founded in 1990, the Asian Muslim Action Network, or AMAN, has members from over 20 Asian countries. The network seeks active collaboration with other faith communities to promote the human dignity of all, regardless of religion. Its programs of training and capacity development emphasize creative thinking, right understanding of religions, respect for diversity, and service to humanity. Based in Thailand, this Mission & Service partner brings people of many faiths together to promote peace and tolerance.
Each year AMAN gathers 30 young peace activists from across Asia for its peace studies and transformation course in Bangkok. The course aims to equip these young people to be the faces of peace in their respective communities. Ekraj, a young man from Bangladesh, explains that “living together for three weeks with all our cultural, religious, and social diversity showed us all how we can embrace our differences in a modern world.”
We are thankful that our Mission & Service gifts support young people in Asia learning to be interfaith peacemakers.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.