As Mission & Service-supported overseas personnel for the past 45 years, Rob and Keiko Witmer have put a lot of effort into building links between the church in Canada and the church in Japan. This includes building links among church people, Indigenous people, and education centres in Canada and Japan. With their help, many groups from both countries have participated in exchanges between The United Church of Canada and The United Church of Christ in Japan.
Rob and Keiko's main work has been with the Dohoku Centre, a rural church centre established in 1960 with the financial support of The United Church of Canada. The Dohoku Centre carries out a wide range of activities and programs, such as one related to issues of food, agriculture, and rural society called the Three Love rural network: love for God, love for humanity, and love for the soil.
Rob and Keiko speak about the effects of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that transformed what farmers are able to grow. Farmers in this region now grow carrots because they are resistant to radiation.
We wish Rob and Keiko well as they begin a new phase of life in retirement!
We are thankful for the giving hearts of our overseas personnel, supported by our gifts for Mission & Service!
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.