In Chiclayo, Peru, there is an organization of people who aren't afraid to show their light to the world. They determinedly work day in and day out with people who live with poverty, marginalization, and oppression. They are known to many as "las Esperanzitas"-"the hopeful people." This group of people shine their light onto the world with passion, dedication, and a spirituality of hope.
They make up the Hope Centre, or Centro Esperanza. Centro Esperanza has outreach programs engaging children, youth, and women in marginalized communities in the city of Chiclayo. The work of Centro Esperanza has produced many fruits. Women become entrepreneurs and bravely speak out on key issues. Children learn to dance, play a musical instrument, and express themselves in non-violent ways through creative arts programs. Youth become inspired to chase their dreams and find their self-worth through after-school programs and workshops.
Las Esperanzitas are people who bring to life vibrant and healthy communities in Chiclayo, Peru. They pass their light of hope and genuine appreciation for all people in a broken and unjust world.
We are thankful that Mission & Service supports people so they can rise above poverty, marginalization, and oppression and share their colourful gifts with the world.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.