Bolivia is changing fast. It's a South American country where Indigenous people who once had no power have had an Indigenous president for a decade. In Bolivia, The United Church of Canada works with a network of three national churches and seven non-governmental organizations. The network is called Uniting Hands for Life, or UMAVIDA (OOM-ah-VEE-dah). The members of the network help one another understand and take action on complex issues such as climate change and address the structural causes of poverty and social exclusion.
The groups come together in common cause around ecological issues (particularly water contamination and access) as well as poverty, human rights, a just society, and relationships of respect and equality.
Each member of the network brings a particular focus of activity and expertise to the collaboration. One organization, for example, works with children and youth in southern Bolivia, lifting up alternatives to earning a living from working in the underground silver mines. Another works with local farming communities on the impact of mining on water quality. A third promotes use of small-scale gardens in urban neighbourhoods, partly to create more green space and improve nutrition but also to provide people with a good, lived experience of being part of a process of social and ecological change.
Our gifts for Mission & Service are creating positive change in Bolivia. Thank you!
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