The Rev. Melody Duncanson Hales, Mission & Service Animator for Manitou Conference, reflects on getting to share her ministry with many congregations.
"My name is Melody, and I am your minister." This is the way I introduce myself in Manitou Conference. I serve The United Church of Canada in northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec in the area of Mission and Stewardship animation. I am a minister for 60 pastoral charges, from Hornepayne, Ontario, to Val d'Or, Quebec, from Kapuskasing to Manitoulin Island.
On paper, my "job description" seems detailed and overwhelming. In any given week, I might lead worship and learn with a congregation about stewardship, meet with church leaders to plan their annual giving program, facilitate a conversation about refugee sponsorship and overseas partnership, resource a group concerned about environmental protection, share the stories of our Mission & Service, and pray with a youth group on retreat.
I love this church, this place, and these people. I am the churches' cheerleader: listening, encouraging, and telling their stories of hope and generosity wherever and whenever I can. Good Friday moments in saying goodbye to ministries, resurrection moments in celebrating new ministries-these are part of it all, and what a privilege to be a witness!
We are thankful for our generous gifts for Mission & Service, allowing those in ministry to see the gospel being made real all over Manitou and across the church.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.