Filadelfia lives in Tizate, Las Flores, Guatemala, supported by Fraternidad de Presbiteriales Mayas. Filadelfia leads a group of 10 women participating in a community microcredit program. The women use loans to purchase and raise steers and produce potatoes for sale.
FPM, a partner of The United Church of Canada, brings together 3,000 women of Mayan descent from across Guatemala working for development in their own communities.
With their children sitting on their knees, the women speak about a new and vibrant sense of self-esteem, as well as practical skills around care of the environment, hygiene, parenting, and raising livestock. They want to keep learning so they can teach their children and show them the value of education. Many are working so their children can attend school. They dream of a life with a sustainable, livable income.
With the support of Fraternidad de Presbiteriales Mayas, those dreams now seem possible. The women are excited as they talk about new possibilities for cooperative business ventures and new skills that bring the dreams ever closer to reality.
With pride in their accomplishments, the women also talk about healthy relationships. They dream of being treated with respect and of taking leadership roles in their community, family, and church.
We are thankful for Mission & Service gifts shared in partnership with Fraternidad de Presbiteriales Mayas that have made and continue to make many dreams come true for Mayan women.
Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.