Inner City Pastoral Ministry was established in 1978 by Edmonton Presbytery and grew into an interdenominational community ministry supported by the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran churches. It serves the Boyle-McCauley area of Edmonton, a marginalized community with many people experiencing poverty and homelessness as well as the challenges of addiction, mental health issues, and family dysfunction. About half of the diverse community is Aboriginal.
The ministry of Inner City Pastoral Ministry is offered throughout the week by a full-time pastor, a part-time pastoral associate, and most recently an Oskapew, or Helper, in the Cree language. Sunday worship is held in the Bissell Agency Drop In Centre, with average attendance of 125 people and 250-plus attending a hearty lunch after the service. More than 80 churches and synagogues take turns preparing and serving the lunch 52 Sundays a year.
Midweek finds the ministry team visiting homes, hospitals, and local drop-ins, and on the street building relationships and offering pastoral care, prayer, advocacy, and referrals for local community members. Spiritual wellness groups build trust and provide times of reflection to deepen spiritual life. An annual Men's and Women's Retreat is a highlight of the year. The Oskapew concentrates on Aboriginal relationships, offering teachings and ceremony through a Métis lens.
We are thankful for our gifts for Mission & Service given in partnership with the Inner City Pastoral Ministry, one of dozens of community ministries across Canada.
Thank you! Please join me in making Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith.