In July 2015, 13 youth pilgrims and two young adult leaders made a cross-country pilgrimage to the 42nd General Council in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Katelyn Cody from London Conference shares her reflection on day one.
Two hours of sleep and two plane rides later, I'm surprised at how energized I was feeling when all of us pilgrims finally got together. Today has been a day of bonding, getting to know each other, and just pure, authentic fun.
In every smile, in every laugh, in every example of acceptance I am reminded why I wanted to be a part of this excursion. In every person here I truly see the presence of God. Each and every moment so far, and all of them for the next six weeks, are truly a blessing. I cannot stop smiling.
Aside from the fellowship and fun, we have already begun to create deep and spiritual bonds. At worship tonight, we discussed being salty. I don't mean salty as in sassy/crooked/ rude-I mean salty as in how one engages with their faith and acts on it out in the world. One amazing connection a fellow pilgrim made was that part of our job this summer is to discuss the future of the United Church so that, as salt, we are helping to preserve the church.
I look forward to seeing what day two, tomorrow, holds.
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