Our gifts for Mission & Service support the work of reconciliation. Let us hear a story about reconciliation in El Salvador. El Salvador is no stranger to violence. After a civil war that lasted over a decade, peace accords were signed in 1992. But the country is now dealing with an unprecedented rate of murder and gang violence. Miguel Tomás Castro is a pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, a Mission & Service partner in the capital, San Salvador. He heard about Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission during one of his visits to Canada and was inspired to create a Conference on Peace and Reconciliation in his own country. In March 2016, a United Church delegation, including Moderator Jordan Cantwell and Charlene Burns of the Aboriginal Ministries Circle, travelled to El Salvador to take part. At the conference, Charlene shared her story as an Indian residential school survivor, quoting Justice Murray Sinclair in saying, “The truth was hard. Reconciliation will be even harder.” However, as Charlene said when referring to her people and to the people of El Salvador, “We are the generation to choose the path of life for the future of our children and grandchildren and those who are yet to come, the right path, a path toward peace and reconciliation.” We sing thanksgiving for the work of reconciliation.
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