Today's bulletin is dedicated by Margaret and Robert Chittick, in memory of Margaret's parents, Sarah and Cleve Munroe.
June 18 10 a.m.  
Camping Sunday/Father's Day
We Gather
Lighting of the Worship Candle
Long, long, long ago, before there was anything, before there was a world, before there was light, before there was darkness, there was God: Creator and Source of Life. God moved, and God breathed the world into being, and God said "Let there be light." We light this candle as a visible reminder of the great light and love of the Creator.
Sing: Fire's burning, fire's burning; draw nearer; draw nearer; in the glowing, in the glowing; come sing and be merry.
Call to Worship (Responsive)
Shhh, do you hear that?
I hear people, talking, whispering, laughing.
That too, but more. . .
I hear the hum of electricity, the speakers, the instruments ready to break out into song.
That too, but more. . . a Vibration.
Hey, do you feel that?
I feel a bit chilly, I feel thirsty. . .
That too, but more. . .
I feel a bit nervous in front of all these people. . .
That too, but more. . . a Presence.
God is here!
That's it! God is here!
That's it! God, the vibration, presence, in us, through us, around us, God is here!
Let's celebrate!
Opening Hymn: 289 It Only Takes a Spark
Welcome & Announcements
Opening Prayer (In unison)
Creator God, you are indeed with us. On this beautiful day and on this Camping Sunday, we are reminded that we can feel your presence in the silence and beauty of nature, in the sound of the birds, the rustling trees, the lapping water, and the crunching of branches. Be with us in this time of storytelling and memories, guiding us along the forest's edge into oneness with you. May we follow faithfully the way of Jesus in this and all the paths of our lives. Amen.
Let us continue in prayer as we sing together the prayer Jesus gave us: Our Father, who art in heaven. . .
Hymn: 577 I've Got Peace Like a River
Growing and Exploring Together
We Hear
Scripture Psalm 46
Matthew 8:23-27
One: The word of the Lord.
All: Thanks be to God!
Anthem All the Earth Will Sing for Joy  -  R. A. Schram
Reflection Offered by Rev. Jen Power, Co-chair of Kidston's Board of Directors
We Respond
Prayers of the Community
Sharing and Blessing of Gifts
Dedication of Our Gifts
Presentation Hymn: 537 Your Work, O God
Prayer of Dedication
Hymn: 884 You Shall Go Out with Joy
Commissioning and Blessing